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Hi, we're Vibe.

A shared workspace and coworking community that helps you work happier, healthier and more connected than ever before. 


Hi, we're Vibe.

A shared workspace and coworking community that helps you work happier, healthier and more connected than ever before. 


We're reinventing the future of work

Welcome to a place where unexpected relationships take flight,
inspiration runs deep, and productivity is at its greatest. 


This place is for you.

Vibe is where the West Sound's modern professionals love coming to work. We're the workplace of choice for people from all industries and walks of life, right here in Kitsap. Here, you'll find consultants, designers and creatives, just as easily as you'll find tech companies, nonprofits, engineers, health and wellness professionals, and employees from established large and high-growth companies. 

We believe real innovation happens best when seemingly unlikely people, businesses, nonprofits and partners find themselves working side by side. We don't care how you dress or what your title is—we only care that you're passionate about what you do are are eager to be part of a powerhouse creative and professional community.


Vibrant community


Events & Workshops

professional network

Professional network

Desk space

desk space



Unlimited fuel

Unlimited fuel

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms


Private phone booths


Covered bicycle parking


High-speed internet


Private offices

EV charging

EV charging stations

coffee girl_PURCHASED.jpg

Coworking works

But don't take our word for it.

Coworking works

But don't take our word for it.

What people are saying


"It's day two, and I am already loving being at Vibe. I am getting more focused work done, but also enjoying all the other perks of being here—like meeting some great people and finding crazy-fun "small world" connections and fresh spring rolls just a short walk away! I feel so lucky to be a part of this."

Maren Dale
Health Care & Patient Stories Consultant


"I'm a big believer in the idea that we need intentional and spontaneous communities: places where we can create a culture of real-world, on-the-job learning to train up the talent we need. Vibe is bringing us one step closer to that technology-empowered future, and that's something that I'm very excited about."

 — Brett Eddy
Founder of Eddy Digital

"I could work at home, alone with my ideas, or I could be around other creatives, where people might share ideas and draw inspiration from others. Vibe has been great for me and my work."

Nick Johnson
Creative Director,


Being at Vibe allows me to work effectively and efficiently, and has improved my business and home life balance. It's increased my work output as well. I worked from home before getting a dedicated office at Vibe, and it seemed like I was always working, and always at home. Vibe's cost is much less than securing my own building or suite, and also offers the camaraderie of other entrepreneurs in my work environment.  

 Craig Nelson
Founder & CEO, Food Automation


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