• Vibe Lab (map)
  • 19307 8th Ave NE, Suite C
  • Poulsbo, WA 98370

Ever wonder how to make forward progress on your projects? Or how to simply cast a vision, get started, and set some achievable milestones? 

Join us as we dive into the action, set some goals for ourselves with a common framework, and discuss what does and doesn’t work. 

As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, hear from veteran technology pros about how to tackle technology and innovator goals to get something launched—whether that's a website, a blog, a mobile app, or your your dream company. It all starts with setting goals—make them “Goals with Teeth”!

Please RSVP to: info@vibecoworks.com


  • Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their businesses that depend on and are characterized by some level of technology 
  • Entrepreneurs who are committed to not simply grinding out a W2 day job, but want to leave their mark on the planet by doing great things 
  • Business people who are willing to be humble, participate, and help drive value (and are eager to let technology help them)


  • Salespeople or business development and marketing people who are looking for a captive audience to pitch to. This is a cardinal rule: no selling here.