• Kitsap Hot Yoga (map)
  • 20714 State Highway 305 Northeast
  • Poulsbo, WA, 98370

It's TGIVibeday! Come get your flow on with the Vibe Coworks community as we take time out from the daily grind to quiet our minds, relinquish control and try our hand at yoga together in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Raquel Pappas, owner of Kitsap Hot Yoga and a Vibe Founding40 member will be leading us through this special low/no-heat session. Whether you're a practicing regular, or a complete yoga newbie, this escape is for you!

Mats are available to borrow, or bring your own. Water bottle recommended.

Special event rate of $10, payable upon arrival.
Space limited to first 20 people. RSVP: info@vibecoworks.com