• Vibe Lab (map)
  • 19307 8th Ave NE, Suite C
  • Poulsbo, WA 98370

Dear Boss Ladies: Think big. Do bigger. But whatever you do, don’t do it alone.

In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we’re hosting the very first Vibe Female Founders Power Hour: a chance for Kitsap’s boldest, brightest and most driven women to meet one another, throw out those crazy (cool) ideas we’ve each been working on, and think out loud on what knowledge / connections / opportunities / skills or …? would be the magic sauce that would take our respective personal and professional endeavors to the next level. 

This ain’t an old school networking event. This is a down and dirty time to connect up and dream big with fellow female founders: women like you who know what it’s like to come up with a great idea--and run with it. Women like you who understand that the entrepreneurial journey is wild: from birthing an idea, to planning a pivot, to learning how to master (or not) marketing, funding, employees… and the old boys club. Women like you who are starting, running and transforming businesses and organizations all while juggling marriage, divorce, kids, personal wellness, grocery lists, school loans, deployments, aging parents, volunteer work... 

Bring your own lunch and your unique sort of infectious energy. This inaugural Female Founders Power Hour is slated to become the first of many at Vibe. Join us and help shape the future of what it may become!