What IS Vibe Coworks?

Vibe is Kitsap's premier shared workspace and coworking community. We're a desk when you need one, a lounge when you
don’t, and the perfect place to hold your next meeting or off-site. Here, you’ll find consultants, designers and creatives, just as readily as you’ll find tech companies, nonprofits, engineers, health and wellness professionals and employees from large and high-growth companies. Vibe offers Kitsap's modern professionals a cutting-edge alternative to exhausting commutes, lonely home offices and binding long-term leases by providing on-demand desk space, private offices, meeting space and vibrant community. 

Work happy.


Our history

Vibe Coworks was founded in 2016 as a shared workspace and coworking community to support Kitsap's modern professionals in their quest to commute less, connect more and have an escape from their lonely home offices. Vibe is the brainchild of Poulsbo-native Alanna Imbach and her husband Marcel, who first hatched the plan in the company of their twin toddlers from the confines of their 800 square foot Manhattan apartment. The company's temporary location, the Vibe Lab, opened in September 2017 as a place for freelancers, commuters, remote workers and entrepreneurs a place to convene until construction on the flagship Vibe Coworks Poulsbo location has been completed in early 2018. 

Our take on the world

At Vibe, we share a believe that relationships with real people matter. We believe space matters. And we believe in a life where you can be the master of your own worldwide destiny, from right here in Kitsap. Above all else, we value diversity of thought, industry and expertise. We believe real
innovation happens best when seemingly unlikely people, businesses, nonprofits and partners find themselves working side by side. We don’t care how you dress or what
your title is—we only care that you’re passionate about what you do and are eager to be part of a powerhouse creative and professional community.



The VIbe Founding team

After 15 years living and working around the globe, from Bellingham to Madrid, Barcelona to Geneva, Luzern to New York City, husband and wife power team Marcel and Alanna blame the move back to Poulsbo on their punk toddlers. For some weird reason, the littles wanted to leave the concrete jungle of NYC behind, in exchange for salty-sweet PNW beaches, fresh air, skiing, kayaking, grandparents, brewery hopping and endless stories from mom about what color she painted the NKHS rock when she was a kid. The gall. You'd think Kitsap were an awesome place to live or something. 


Alanna Imbach
Cofounder + CEO


Marcel Imbach


COME join us!