Working from Vibe

Do I have to make a reservation before I come in?
Nope! Come in anytime during our regular business hours (8am - 5pm), pick your favorite seat and get to work. If you’d like to use one of our private meeting rooms, book your space ahead of time by emailing us at: or calling: 360.347.6609.

What do I do when I show up at Vibe? 
If you’re already a member just walk on in and say hello as you pass by the welcome desk. We’ll make sure you’re all checked in using our online system. If you’re not yet a member, we’ll help you get set up with the membership of your choice so you can get right down to work.

Can I bring a guest with me for the day?
The more the merrier! Each Vibe member has two free guest hours each day. Once those hours are used, you’ll be charged a $35 day pass for each guest and they can stay for the whole day. Time booked in the private meeting rooms never counts against your free guest hours.

Can I make phone calls while I'm at Vibe? 
Of course! This is your office, so please make calls as much as you need to. Just remember that this is your neighbor’s office, too. Our space features 6 private phone booths (first come, first served) that you can hop into any time you'd like. 


Do I have to be a member to book meeting space and conference rooms at Vibe?
Nope. While Vibe members benefit from special member rates and priority booking, our meeting and event spaces are available to everyone on an hourly basis.

I'm looking for a space that can accommodate a large group meeting. Do you have space for us?
Yes! We have 3 terrific meeting rooms, which can accommodate 4, 10 and 16 people, respectively. In addition, our Summit large event space can accommodate up to about 60 people for off-site seminars, trainings, conferences, film screenings, hackathons, away days, etc.

Do you have computer monitors that I can use?
Sure thing. Computer monitors are available to Vibe members for daily use on site on a first-come, first-served, no charge basis. You’ll need an HDMI cable to connect up with your laptop, but we’ve got those covered for you, too.   


Do all memberships begin on the 1st of the month?
No. All of our membership plans begin the day you sign up. For members with a Private Office or Dedicated Desk, our one-calendar month move-out policy requires move out on the last day of the month.

I have a 5 or 12-day/mo membership. Do my days roll over to the next month?
No. It’s a use-it or lose-it policy. Your allotted days must be used within the month they were purchased. 

Are memberships really month-to-month? How do I cancel or change my membership?
Yes! Our flexible month-to-month commitment provides you with the stability of a permanent workspace along with the flexibility you need to grow your business, and the support to help you build a community. With the exception of our Day Passes (which are pay-as-you-go), all memberships run on a month-to-month, automatically recurring basis. Members with a Private Office or Dedicated Desk must give 30 days' notice before changing their plan; all other members can change their membership online at any time via Proximity.

Do you require a deposit to join?
We don’t mess with deposits until you’re renting a Private Office or a Dedicated Desk. Simply pay for your first month and start working immediately. Private Office members pay their first month and a deposit upon signing their membership agreement.

I'm a Founding40 member. Do I still need to sign up for a membership plan?
Yes. As a Founding40 member, you benefit from a whole slew of lucky-dog privileges, including a lifetime Basic membership, access to Founding40 member exclusive events and added visibility for you and your business / company / organization. If you’d like to upgrade beyond the Basic membership, you'll still need to upgrade to the monthly membership plan that best suits you and the way you like to work.    


I'd like to teach a class or give a talk at Vibe. Who should I talk to?
Terrific! We'd love to hear about your idea, passions and areas of expertise. Shoot us an email at, or stop by and tell us about it in person.