Coworking for teams

Unleash the full potential of your team by allowing them to work remotely from beautifully designed professional workspace that’s fully-equipped and primed for productivity.


Cut Operational Costs

Vibe Coworks makes it easier and more affordable than ever to give your company the benefit of flexibility. Cut operating costs with an affordable month-to-month coworking membership. No more long-term leases or commitments. Your employees can easily access professional, inspirational workspace that’s specifically designed to promote peak productivity.


Increase Employee Happiness

Happy employees deliver better work. In fact, studies show you can gain an extra 4+ hours of output per week from flexible workers who cut the commute. With a membership at Vibe Coworks, your employees can easily access a professional space whenever they need it, cut down on commute time, and spend more time checking off the tasks and projects on their to-do list.


Bundled Team Memberships

Mix and match individual memberships for team members from the same company, or multiple members of a single household on a per-person basis with the benefit of a quantity discount.

  • 2 memberships: save 10%

  • 3 memberships: save 15%

  • 4+ memberships: save 20%


Team Pool Membership

For teams of 5 - 12 people, purchasing a pool of days for your team each month can offer convenience and flexibility.

  • Team 12: 12 days of access + 3 hours conference room credits // $220/mo

  • Team 25: 25 day of access + 5 hours conference room credits // $415/mo

  • Team 50: 50 days of access + 8 hours conference room credits // $780/mo

  • Custom: Contact us