Big ideas welcome here.

Sign on now to become part of the Vibe Founding40 and you'll play a critical role in shaping Vibe while we count down to opening day. Not interested in weighing in, but want to show the world that you, too, believe in the future of work+life in Kitsap? The Founding40 is for you! We're keeping the circle tight with only 40 spots, which means you'll be one of the lucky few enjoy a lifetime of perks, including:

  • Founding member status with Kitsap’s largest, most cutting-edge coworking community
  • Lifetime discounts on meeting and event space bookings
  • You and/or your business featured on social media, the Vibe website and other related communications
  • The chance to provide direct input on Vibe's space design and planning 
  • Exclusive invite to a hard hat tour of the new building prior to opening
  • Your very own ‘founder’s brick’* within the new Vibe space *(exact format TBD)
  • And more...

Check out who is already onboard, and request your invite now to become part of the Vibe Founding40 at the one-time rate of $240. 

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